Primitivo Route and Walking Through Pain

The Yellow line on this map marks the Primitivo route on the Camino. This route diverges from the coast and heads into the mountains. We are currently staying in La Espina. We’re still in Austurias, the province famous for their special alcoholic cider. We have passed a number of apple orchards…so it makes sense the locals would create a beverage delicious and potent from their own farms.

Jason walking ahead of me. Poppies line this stretch of road.

The landscape here is more hilly/mountainous. The area receives a lot of rain and some snow in the Winter.

Jason very much wanted to walk this route. He loves the mountains, but our challenge now is to help me finish.

I have been experiencing hip pain after walking more than 18 km…somewhere around that mark, my body seems to revolt. I feel disappointed that while my feet are not hurting and my body is stronger, the excessive walking is not getting easier, but harder. It comes at a bad time because the Primitivo is more demanding, with fewer services/cities where we can stop and rest or eat or sleep. I need to be able to walk 25 km on more than a few days, starting tomorrow. Two days ago Jason and I walked separately. I took a bus ahead of him and then walked to La Espina. I have stayed here for two days to rest my body. Jason arrived this afternoon. Tomorrow, we hope to tackle 25 km, but I will use a service to take my backpack ahead of us. The following day, we will walk about 30 km.

I hope to figure out how to accomplish this walk without too many more bus rides! I love the quiet, the beauty and the way I encounter the people and culture as a pilgrim. I also want to figure out how to manage the pain for future. I’m going to assume as a 50-year-old person that this experience of pain won’t be my last! I don’t want to be foolish, but I also don’t want to be a wimp.

I am looking forward overall to the coming weeks, our final weeks of pilgrimage. We meet up with our son, Gabe in eight days in the city of Lugo. The timing of being in this relatively big city as he arrives in Spain will make connecting easy, we hope!

Drizzly walking yesterday. Visibility was about 50 feet.
This odd bloom caught my attention…from some kind of an aloe type plant?
Here’s the bloom a bit closer up.

In the end, I know that struggle is a part of a life journey. This bit of challenge is a mirror into my way of dealing or not dealing with possible failure, disappointment or overcoming adversity. Stay tuned…I don’t know how the story will end.

16 thoughts on “Primitivo Route and Walking Through Pain”

  1. The pictures are beautiful. I like the poppy walk especially. Hang in there Susi! You have done great so far. May God enable you to recover so you may continue to enjoy the walk!

  2. Walking 25 or 30 km! A huge distance in one day! That is the distance between my hometown and riding a bike or bus to my relatives in the town next to us. I never heard of anyone walking!!

    You are so amazing, both of you. We wish you THE VERY BEST tomorrow and the next day and hope you can rest great in between the 2 tough days.

    Enjoy everyone you meet and see and talk to, and enjoy all the beautiful scenery in front of you each step of the way.

    Love and blessings

    1. Hi. I’m pacing myself differently. It’s going well so far…sent you some photos on what’s app

  3. I am so sorry about the hip pain. 🙁 And, I’m glad to hear your feet are fine. My friend on the Frances (the one who swore by the trainers) and in reading her email update found out her feet are giving her problems and she is questioning her choice.

    Your pictures are great. I will pray for your reflections and discernment as you face the challenges of each day!

    1. Thanks, Sharon. We’re at peace figuring out our route day by day. Today…Jason and I walked separately…but we will end up at same location.

  4. No shame in the bus! Your Camino is your Camino… plus one of the lessons for me was to actually listen to my body :).

    Ultreia! You can make it!

  5. Susi you’re no wimp! By the way, had a dream last night with you in it – it was at a large gathering of friends (in the middle of your walk) – I didn’t get a chance to greet you but you looked lean & fit & joyous. May God continue to grant you wisdom in the many decisions you make each day.

    1. I definitely am in better shape today than I was 3 weeks ago. Your dream in an encouragement though. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I’ve enjoyed all your posts (and Jason’s as well) and have learned much about your journey and its demands and delights. I must admit I didn’t realize there were so many routes to Santiago de Compostela. I’m sorry to hear your hip is giving you trouble (welcome the the next phase of life!) but I am glad you can take the occasional bus to give yourself a little break. What a wonderful community of fellow walkers you’ve met; their joy and friendship will be part of you forever. Keep writing!

  7. I’m reading this late and I think you posted that you’re doing better now. Praise God! A few years ago I would have hip pain after walking only a mile. Now it’s gone away. Of course it might come back if I were walking your distances! It’s exciting to watch your progress. I know you’ll make it, even with a few bus rides! I miss you!

  8. Just sitting down to read all of these posts. I really enjoy following this journey with you all. Blessings upon blessings to all 3 of you: mind, body, soul.

  9. Positively, certainly, and infinitely: Your Camino is Your Camino. God speaks to each of us in different ways. What a pilgrimage. I love you!

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