One Week Accomplished

This day marks our first week of the Camino. Today we walked about twelve miles over beautiful countryside, more inland, though the coast isn’t far away, just not visible at the moment. Here are a few sights we enjoyed.

Many families with large plots of land around their homes, grow amazing vegetables and herbs. This garden is a pretty good representation of those plots. We pass fig trees all the time as well…today, I almost climbed one to pick a few figs (seemed to be on no one’s property). Next time I’ll get up the guts to do this and have Jason take a photo.

Lots of livestock and most seem used to pilgrims.

A beautiful country manor-type home. We’ve seen many, but we’ve seen run-down houses as well.

Jason on one of many bridges we have crossed.

Today, we aimed for an albergue in a pueblo called Guemes. This particular pilgrim hostel is the most famous along the Norte route. Last year, they housed/served over 10,000 pilgrims. There are more than 70 beds here, so no one is turned away. The showers are clean, the  lines for drying our hand-washed clothes are plentiful, the meals are nutritious and delicious and you are greeted at the door with a glass of water while someone helps you take off your pack.

We arrived just before almuerzo (the lunch meal), at 1:30 PM.

We ate among these many joyful pilgrims, from five different countries. I was appreciative of this salad, the first course in a two-course meal. And, of course, vino tinto (red wine) was served with a smile.

We are getting stronger and the pain, so far, is decreasing. We see some of our limits and have found joy in the journey as we take an attitude of no hurry and no worry. Thank you all for your well-wishes and prayers. We know they are keeping us fit and happy for the longer Camino ahead.

4 thoughts on “One Week Accomplished”

  1. Susi,

    What fun to read your your stories from along your pilgrimage. As to your travels, my feet send your feet sympathetic wishes in hopes that your recent pee-wee blister is the worst it gets on your journey. The countryside looks amazing, but the fellowship of kindred travelers is what seems even more beautiful. Keep up the thoughtful posts and xoxo to Jason.

    1. Thanks…there is a great community that develops as we journey together. Much more to learn

  2. I want my garden to be that Lush. Probably EBMUD would send me to jail if I used that much water! Keep writing and posting pictures.

  3. So great! Thanks for sharing. I am so glad your bodies are settling in and will continue to pray for you two as you continue your pilgrimage.

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