Figuring Out the Walking Life


For about 2 or 3 months, we have been walking and hiking anywhere and everywthere we find ourselves. Today, we were able to walk a part of a Norwegian pilgrimage, one that takes the pilgrim to the church where St. Olav is buried, the Dom Kirke of Trondheim. It happens to be the place of coronations for the Norwegian King or Queen.   It seems that Olav, a king in the style of the times, forced pagans by the sword to convert to Christianity.  Unlike the times, however, he distributed power more evenly to his people and became very popular. He was cut down, literally, by his nobles who were not keen on sharing power with the masses. Following his death, a few notable healings took place in the presence of his corpse. Thus, a Saint was born. Since, that time, countless pilgrims have traveled to Trondheim to visit his resting place, including those seeking healing. The walk was beautiful and Jason and I were able to practice the discipline of searching for pilgrim signs and use maps downloaded to phone.

Pilgrim road sign and map

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