Dog Left Behind


To bond with a dog is not so unusual. In fact, there are many people I know who would never contemplate leaving their dog for 3 months, but Jason and I are about to and today, our golden retriever, Luna, was dropped off with a wonderful family of five. All of them are excited to have her. Jason and I are feeling the loss. This is a beginning step of our Camino.

4 thoughts on “Dog Left Behind”

  1. Relinquishing – letting go and leaving behind – seems to be a core tenet of pilgrimage. In Matthew 10 and Luke 10, Jesus sends his disciples on a spiritual journey, and most of his instructions are about what NOT to bring with them. So here we are struggling to let go and take less. Not just Luna (whom we will miss dearly) but also comfort possessions, electronic connections, etc. We are praying to experience freedom as we move forward with less.

  2. We just got a puppy in January. I understand. 🙁 I am sure the family will take good care of her!

  3. Many blessings to you both! May you travel light in body and heart and be filled in mind and spirit.

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